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New Appstore rules from Apple will shake things up!

New Appstore rules from Apple will shake things up!

Apple bans incentivized app discovery and sharing.

In this industry it is important that both developers and marketers keep track of the latest changes and updates handed down by the “powers that be”. Apple has recently announced they will no longer allow incentivized in-game video promotion, social sharing and other in-game discovery methods. This is huge. Apps are already getting rejected for including these features. The big companies will be given time i’m sure, but will also be forced to comply.

Apple wants to take app discovery and promotion into their own control which will undoubtedly be a huge revenue stream for them. App promotion and user acquisition is already a multi-billion dollar marketplace full of all kinds of networks, traffic trading and discovery systems. Since they control their own “walled garden” aka the appstore, it’s only natural they would recognize this opportunity and seaze it.

This does cause big problems for app discovery companies like AdColony, Applifier, Flurry, Tapjoy, SupersonicAds and Vungle just to name a few. But this will also directly hit the bottom line of those game developers who are currently earning revenue through selling ad space in their apps. Companies like Supercell and King two of the biggest in the industry both earn millions through selling video views and rewarding players with in-game currency. This will also reduce viral installs for social games like Candy Crush who reward players for connecting with friends.

It will be interesting to see how developers cope with reduced income, and potentially less channels for acquiring new users. This may also put a few advertising companies out of business if they are not able to roll with the punches apple has dealt them. Let’s see how strictly Apple enforces this new policy.

Source: [techcrunch]