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Mobile User Acquisition


We like User Acquisition. We dream about campaigns while we sleep. It’s what we do, and what we are good at. After working at one of the top Facebook and Mobile Gaming companies in the world since the beginning of the mobile boom, we have the experience to back it up too.

We also have a little bit of game development experience in our “batman gadget belt” as well. So we understand the struggles and challenges many game and app developers face. That’s why we’ll try to stay out of your dev team’s hair as much as possible.

Small Game & App Developers

Just getting started? No problem, we love implementing new user acquisition systems and processes for new game companies. Many don’t have a clue where to start and building an in-house team is costly and time consuming. We can be your in-house team until you are ready to build your own. And we’ll even help you transition into that phase too.

Services Include:

  • Tracking – Working with game team to implement a tracking systems. We provide recommendations on third-party tracking, and give your techs the necessary information for easy SDK implementation.
  • Cost Aggregation – to have accurate reporting and performance metrics you need to allocate your costs down to campaign level. We can help you get there.
  • Partner Networks – After years in the business we have developed relationships in most of the relevant mobile traffic networks. These connections take time to build. Leverage our network of contacts.
  • Creatives (Banners & Video) – We prefer to develop our own ads since we know what works best. Of course everything will be sent for your approval first. This includes Banner development, video creative and catchy campaign text. Access to game assets and of course the game itself are a must. Our network of freelancers and agencies will help your game or app shine.
  • Campaigns – We create them, manage them and send you a report. Just tell us where you are at and what your goals are. We’ll provide advice on where to start, then do the heavy lifting and daily maintenance for you.
  • Advanced Targeting – For certain networks we can develop some advanced targeting methods such as re-targeting, lookalikes, or keyword-based demographic targeting.
  • Reporting & Analytics – You will receive a weekly or even daily report when you have live campaigns running. It will include highlights from us explaining the results, what happened if something went wrong and what to try next.
  • Strategy – Our goal is to keep our customers happy, it’s quite simple: your success is our success. That is why our clients are mostly from word-of-mouth. Guiding new developers in the right direction might include suggestions on game or app improvements, monetization, which platforms to focus on, viral features and more.

 Medium-sized & Large Game Developers

Okay so you have an in-house team. We used to as well, in our former days. In-house is great but sometimes you need fresh ideas, temporary help or some training on a new system your team is unfamiliar with. That’s where we come in, we can swoop down and bring our expert knowledge when and where it’s needed to give you an outside perspective or an innovative refresh.

Services include:

  • In-house training – we can fly to your offices for seminars, or training sessions. 
  • Temporary help – maybe your head of user acquisition, or social media management left and you are out on a limb. Maybe you are over-extended and you need help with campaign management. We can help fill the gaps for however long you need.
  • User Acquisition Audit – after things get big, things tend to get messy and the result is waste and inefficiencies. We can come in as an independent contractor and review your entire UA systems to find where there is room for improvement in your processes. Sometimes you need a mechanic to come in and keep that machine running as smooth as possible.

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